Open Color was founded to provide an opportunity for our local San Francisco arts community to celebrate creatives from around the world while supporting important human rights causes. A quarterly event, Open Color combines original art installations, music, dancing and libations to benefit non-profits on the frontlines of a range of social issues. We will additionally be partnering with new and innovative start-ups who are using the benefits of technology to better our world and further support those causes.

What makes Open Color different is our commitment to opening the Bay Area underground to the pulsing energy of the tech sector to form a new, united creative community dedicated to making real change in social justice, access to education and human rights. We are you. We are all of us. We are Open Color.

The Team:

Dan Davis, Founder

Dan has been an unflinching supporter of the local arts community for years. In addition to spreading smiles across dancefloors around the Bay as an established DJ, he has become a cornerstone advocate for dozens of creatives struggling to support their immeasurable talent. Dan remains essential in nurturing the underground, and Open Color further serves an ongoing commitment to those efforts.

Kate Zaliznock, Creative Director

Kate has explored the Bay Area creative community from almost every angle. As a writer, editor, publicist, event director, brand manager and business advisor, her uniquely diverse abilities have all been grounded in a central focus on supporting the arts. Kate’s inclusion of current human rights issues comes from an educational background in anthropology and international relations as well as a natural inclination for social justice causes. Open Color is the culmination