Morgan Wolf

Morgan Wolf is a California-based multi-faceted artist. Her many creative talents include DJing and music production, photography, and styling (including makeup and hair), alongside revenue-building skills such as branding and marketing consultation and content management. 

She is also the founder of Eros Mortis, a virtual style collective and online destination for one-of-a-kind pieces from designers all over the globe. What began as a small collection has evolved over the years into an innovative, exciting, and youthful street wear brand with a complete product range. A true haven for children of the cyber realm, Eros Mortis has helped to dial in an aesthetic that speaks to the digitally immersed generation. Every piece in the shop is handpicked or designed for the Eros collection. Eros Mortis is more than just a company selling clothing and accessories. Eros represents inspiration, creativity, and a love for all things Net.