Kyrian Okane

Kyrian Okane is the founder of Creatington, the birthplace of many wacky and wonderful productions in a wild and wonderful neighborhood right across the river from the bustling center of the arts district in Los Angeles. The neighborhood is mostly commercial, in the evenings and weekends their are no cars on the street and a sense of space and creative potential in the air. Lots of free street parking with no signs (on weekdays during the day parking is a little harder but still available )

5300 sq foot corner building with big windows, hi vaulted ceilings and lots of natural lights. front and rear entrances with large load in doors. 2 bathrooms, kitchen and snack bar area, organic vending machine, make up area, smoking area, dance floor Private AC office or dressing room available

Kyrian has a vast network of artists available for your project, with in house Directors, art directors, make up artists, choreographers etc...

Please get in touch to talk about your project!