For Inquiring Minds:


Q: What is Open Color?

A: Open Color is a San Francisco-based arts collective created in 2016 at the intersection of the established and emerging creative communities. This means that from the start, we've included underground artists alongside cornerstone creative figures, educators, patrons and influencers in everything we do. 


Q: How does Open Color work?

A: We have hosted events in San Francisco, Oakland and Miami so far. We work tirelessly to include multiple demographics not typically found mingling in the same room, and we’re excited to say we’ve exceeded our own expectations on the power of organic connection (get a warehouse kid next to a Sotheby’s patron and you’d be surprised to find just how much they have to talk about). Art is a bridge that can cross all divides, and we’ll soon include both a magazine and webstore featuring the same wide reach through content that highlights what connects all creatives: a passion for awe and wonder. We will also soon be launching a commission service for emerging artists to connect with patrons.


Q: Where is Open Color?

A: We are based in San Francisco, but we’re honored to say our collaborators and supporters reside all around the globe, from South America, to Europe, Asia and more. We are working hard to expand our event locations to meet and mingle with our extended Open Color family.


Q: What are the qualifications to apply to become an Open Color Creator?

A: Simple—you just have to be doing something within your creative community. Work in the arts? Everyone from event coordinators and production leads to styling assistants, makeup artists and more plays a vital role in turning an artistic vision into a reality—and we believe there is a project out there for each and every one of them. We will soon be launching individual creator pages with bios, portfolios, and contact/commission inquiry options.


Q: When is the next Open Color event?

A: Stay tuned and be sure to join our mailing list to be the first to know! Have a space where you’d like to host an Open Color event? Head over to our contact page and tell us all about it. 


Q: How do I submit to Open Color magazine?

A: Email kate(at)weareopencolor(dot)com with “Submission:” at the start of your subject line.