Our Story

Open Color was founded to connect emerging artists to both their cities’ established creative communities and the primary demographics fueling the overall local economy (such as the tech sector in our home city of San Francisco, the finance sector in New York and the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, among others). 

It’s no secret that creative communities across the country are suffering from a severe lack of financial support, even when a city’s overall economy is thriving. Our goal is to create a neutral space for three key demographics (established members of the arts community, underground creatives, and business professionals) to organically connect, learn about each other’s work, and subsequently grant the artists who make a city great access to the driving force behind its financial success. 

If artists continue to be forced out of major cities economically, art capitals from San Francisco to New York City will lose a cornerstone of their cultural foundations. That’s why we’ve been working diligently toward a viable solution to this dire issue. Our model for success is built around quarterly events, a digital magazine featuring interviews, photo spreads, art reviews and more, and a webstore (launching soon) that will include exclusive originals from partnered artists who share our passion for reinvigorating their local creative economies. 

We are you. We are all of us. We are Open Color.

Our Team

Kate Zaliznock, Founder & Creative Director

Kate has explored the Bay Area creative community from almost every angle. As a writer, editor, publicist, event director, brand manager and business advisor, her uniquely diverse abilities have all been grounded in a central focus on supporting the arts. Open Color is the culmination of over a decade’s experience in creative consultation, start-up employment and a passion for the underground.


Courtney Catterton, Creative Advisor

Originally from the South, Courtney gravitated West to further her career in the arts, where she specializes in creative consultation and UX design. She is passionate about the human right to express oneself and consistently fights to sustain a community that supports that right. With years of experience in the arts and brand management, Courtney excels at aligning a creative vision with community dispersement and furthers that expertise as co-creative director and brand manager at Open Color.

Dan Davis, CFO

Dan has been an unflinching supporter of the local arts community for years. In addition to spreading smiles across dancefloors around the Bay as an established DJ, he has become a cornerstone advocate for dozens of creatives struggling to support their immeasurable talent. Dan remains essential in nurturing the underground, and Open Color further serves an ongoing commitment to those efforts.